Thursday, November 4, 2010

Detailed tutorial on how to Create "Bob"

First you concentrate all energy to your hands

Once it starts expanding it should start pushing your hands away from eachother

Use this to your advantage, use the energies momentum to pull it apart as far as possible

Remember to keep pulling

The energy is strong though, so there may be a point where it starts taking your own energy

This is when you begin to push it back together

At this point it will try to escape your grasp

Oh look it's trying hard to leave your hands

Here time and space begin to bend a bit, don't worry though, everything will be alright

One final bang from your energy and it's almost ready

Now it is completely tame and ready to be molded

Play with it a bit, it responds to your thoughts, don't worry if time and space are still unstable, it stops

And there you have it, you have taken pure energy and created a friend, enjoy! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Relatively New Stuff

Until I get my programs and stuff up and running again I think I'll put up some of my older things along with photos. 

This is just something I made a couple of months ago while trying to work with terragen again. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome to me and hello to you all

Whatsup everyone, you might know me from my other blog Mrmobilegamer, or you may not know me at all which is probably more likely. Well, you will get to know me soon when I start adding random snapshots and art stuff I do during some days, I'll also add some of my older stuff from deviant art.

You can also look that up there;
Digital: newyorkino89
Photography: Esojat89

If I make any videos I'll put them up on my YouTube account...when I remember the correct password for that account...